Tweet Verita

Discover the truth about your brand and your competitors on Twitter.

With the latest AI innovations in Sentiment Analysis, we can show you how people tweet and feel about your brand.

With this knowledge, you can adjust your marketing message and tackle possible problems before they become a real issue. 

We track all the tweets about your brand

With configurable tags and different brands, you can create different projects to also check up on the competition.

Tweet Capturing

With configurable brand and tags, you can capture the tweets for your brand in general or for a specific campaign.

Sentiment Analysis

Using the latest AI Sentiment Analysis models, we can determine how someone feels about you on their tweets.


Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Dashboards, as well as statistic analysis and a full searchable tweet list, you can process and view all the data.

Easy to use Dashboard and Statistics


Easy to use Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Dashboards.
Navigate through the days, weeks, and months.


Lifetime charts, Daily analysis, and also Weekly and Monthly evolution.

Full searchable tweets list.

Examples of popular brands sentiment analysis

Tweet Verita is very simple to use

The impact of Tweet Verita

How Tweet Verita can change your perspective about what to tweet

Affordable Pricing 

A simple pricing model that allows both individuals and companies to use our services to the fullest.

A free plan is also available, with access to all the features.




1 Project

1 Brand (per project)

1 Tag (per project)

Max 50 tweets per collection search

60 minutes waiting time between tweet collection




3 Projects

1 Brand (per project)

5 Tags (per project)

Max 150 tweets per collection search

10 minutes waiting time between tweet collection




10 Projects

1 Brand (per project)

20 Tags (per project)

Max 250 tweets per collection search

5 minutes waiting time between tweet collection




20 Projects

1 Brand (per project)

50 Tags (per project)

Max 500 tweets per collection search

1 minute waiting time between tweet collection

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